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The Hogs (Sponsored by Coca Cola) Defeat the Gamecocks (Sponsored by Back Alley Cockfighters Everywhere)

It is good to get back to writing a post about a win over an SEC team. Remember the depths of despair after the Ole Miss game? Saturday's result is what helps pull you out of those dark holes. I should add that the Ole Miss / Auburn score of two weeks ago was a boost up the ladder too! Petrino can now add a chicken to the tigers that he has beaten in the SEC. And we can all breath a little easier about the idea of becoming bowl eligible. Going to a bowl is certainly not a done deal yet (nothing ever really is in Razorback sports), but I like our chances much better now. So on with the observations from what was a bright and clear Saturday in more ways than one.

* Just as with the Auburn game, one of the announcers thought he was at a different game in a different conference. Did you catch one of them call Petrino "Paterno"? Given how long Paterno has been at Penn State and how everyone still rips on Petrino about always moving on, I found the announcer's verbal hiccup an interesting way to start the game.

* I actually started the game around six in the afternoon, for I had to tape it due to having a work obligation. I did make it home to see the 4th quarter, so I knew the outcome of the game as I watched it. That is a much less stressful way to experience a Razorback game, but the highs just aren't as high and the lows just aren't as low when you know how it will all come out.  

* A's, tusks, diamonds, little Razorbacks, I am still trying to come up with something better to put on the helmets than Florida State looking hammers, that is if we must have these decals. And I'll just go on record here of not being a big fan of the all red look. We look like Coca Cola cans out there! I know the standard line is "Well, if the players like it." No, the look of our program should be bigger than the fashion whims of 18 to 22 year olds. If they all fell in love with Porky the Pig, we wouldn't put him on our helmets and stutter "Dats all folks" instead of "Woo Pig Sooie!" - would we?

* With only sixteen catches coming into the game, DJ Williams emerged from a tight end witness protection program to the excitement and joy of the state of Arkansas. Welcome back, DJ.

* Got sick of hearing Moe Brown's name throughout the game. And everytime I heard it I thought of Moe Green. Yes, I've probably watched "The Godfather" one too many times. As Moe Brown kept making catches and slapping our secondary around as if they were Freddo, I began wishing upon him the same fate as Moe Green. You "Godfather" fans know what I am talking about.

* Speaking of Greens, BRODERICK GREEN! No longer an experiment, but a certified, scientific fact, number twenty-nine can score touchdowns. Was it two for him on Saturday? I think so. Congratulations, Broderick.

* It was good to see Joe No Stroke Can Keep Me Down Adams score the first touchdown of the game for the Hogs. I would like to see him get his hands on the ball more from the backfield. He can get YAC, and he can get YAHO (Yards After Hand Off) too.

* The Fake Screwy Punt???? If I had been watching that live, I think I would have had a stroke myself. Was Petrino trying to prove that he can call a bad play on our side of the field and have it go all wrong, just like Nutt did some years ago against South Carolina, but unlike Nutt still beat the Visor in the end? Well, if so, he succeeded, but I would just prefer he not try that again.

* I saw a fan with a scroll that said, "Go Hogs Go!", on it, or something like that. I want one of those! I've been seeing them throughout the last two football seasons at other games, so I am glad the Hog merchandizers finally got on board. In related news, didn't Nepal have a Starbucks before Little Rock got one?

* When Forrester went out there to punt, did he have the little talking baby in his head from the etrade commercials? Was that little baby calling him a "Shankapotamus"? I know that voice must be in Breeding's head.

* How we all loved South Carolina's lack of clock management. Were they still on Eastern time or something?

* The three points we scored to end the half, I think, were huge. But to begin the next half by giving up an eighty yard touchdown pass? Geez. I guess we had to get the big defensive failure out of our system. Better do that early than late, I suppose. I keep believing that we are going to be the blind hog that does find an acorn of a game where such a play doesn't happen.

* As keeping with the rest of the season, that was a career long pass for Garcia and a career long catch for Jeffry. What a kind and generous defense we have that keeps allowing opposing players to have a career something each game. Regular humanitiarians, I tell ya.

* I think we all loved seeing the shorter passing routes get used more from Mallett, who had one of his better days on Saturday.

* Did you think I wasn't going to mention it? Yes, the running, red, Razorback looked awesome out there on the field, the one aesthetic choice I do agree with from the new regime.

* I don't know about you, but I could have done without the Jimmy Dykes basketball chat in the booth with a 16-17 football game going on in the background. It was mostly a Kentucky lovefest anyway. They'll get plenty of love during the basketball season, so let's wait until then, okay?

* On this date in recorded Razorback history, November the7th, in the Year of Our Lord 2009, a member of the Razorback secondary, Jerrell Norton, actually turned around and made a play on a ball, resulting in a very crucial interception. So refreshing to see!

* And so was seeing a touchback on a kickoff! And in the not seen catagory, it was great to see the game go by without a single turnover from the Hogs.

* 2007 vs. Kentucky was the last time the Hogs recorded a safety against another team. I know we all love the two hands straight up signaling a touchdown, but I get a little extra thrill out of the two hands closed together; I guess that is because safeties are so rare. And how cool is it that the team that gave up two points has to turn around and give the ball to you? It is the salt in the wound rule of football.

That concludes my recap of the game that puts Bobby Petrino just one game short of being .500 with the Hogs. Hopefully our Hogs will bring the same focus that they had in the first half against Eastern Michigan, and get up on Troy early. We don't want them sticking around and possibly crapping in our oatmeal (yeah, graphic image) come next Saturday night. The coaches should play the Troy vs. LSU tape from last year on a continous loop in the Broyles Complex. Keep playing well, Hogs, but don't take anything for granted. It is the quickest path to an upset. Dats all folks!