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My Team Went To Jerryland And All They Brought Me Was . . . Hey, A Victory!

Well, how about that? It feels good to be on the winning side of things again after last weekend's thud of a performance against Alabama. For a night the Southwest Conference came alive again, and for the Hogs, it looked a lot better than last season's resurrection in Austin. Dallas was much kinder. Here are some observations from my couch. Would love to hear from any of you who were actually at Jerryland for the game.

* I know I am going to get a reputation for being a fashion nazi on here. But I just wonder if they were expecting Georgia and not the Hogs? That endzone red looks more like it was imported from Athens instead of Fayetteville.

*  Will we be a team whose games this season turn on a single bad or good play? The Georgia game seemed to have turned with Franklin's ouster. The Hogs were done for after Alabama responded in one play to our making it 14-7. Last night's 67 yard aerial strike in the first quarter seemed to be the play that turned things around in the generally positive direction that the game went for us.

* Will Jerry Jones be arrested for manslaughter if not murder for selling all those fried concoctions? Does Vegas have odds on when the first fan will drop dead of a massive heart attack? Fried butter, fried oreos, fried twinkies, fried fried, geez!

* Did you notice Arkansas native and former White House Chief of Staff Mack McClarty at one time sitting next to Jerry Jones?

* It has been a long time since I've seen a Razorback defense spent so much time in the opposing team's backfield. Wow! If they can only get to the point where they consistently do that against SEC teams.

* Bob Davie was talking up Malcolm Shepard and wondering why he wasn't in the game. Malcolm finally gets in there and on the first play, I believe, draws a personal foul. Back to the sidelines he comes.

* I know a lot of people don't like Bob Davie. But I do like his positive approach to calling a game. He talks up players on both sides, but he isn't as creepy about it as Gary Danielson and his on screen love affair with Tim Tebow.  

* Jerrell Norton, Gary Danielson on CBS warned you in the Alabama game last week that you need to start running up and catching the ball on punts.  I should hope an Arkansas coach did the same. Take Jerry Franklin out for a good meal at Doe's, for he rescued you from the dog house with his fumble return for a TD.

* Finally, the little dump off screen! I was screaming for the screen during the early parts of the game when Mallett was taking too many sacks and holding the ball for what seemed like forever. And it worked each time they used it. Michael Smith can do wonders with this play. Let us see more of it. I can't believe I am saying this, but not every passing play needs to be a long strike down the field.I love them when they happen, but you will get a lot of three and outs if you put all your chips on low percentage plays like that.

* I think every team knows that when we line up at the goal line with Broderick Green in the backfield that that is where the ball is going. The Broderick Green at the goal line experiment continues.

* When was the last time our defense held a Div. I team to under twenty points? Was it that low scoring affair against Auburn two years ago in Fayetteville?

* Since the roof was closed, it was a complete dome game. When was the last time the Hogs won a game inside a dome? We've lost all three SEC Championship Games in Atlanta, so could this be the first dome win for the program? We won the Sugar Bowl in the 60s, but that was before the Superdome, I believe.

* I am still weak in the knees for that Ronnie Wingo TD run that for me sealed the game! Wow! I know it was 40 to 19 in the 4th quarter before the Wingo explosion, but that Kentucky game of last year is going to haunt me for a long time, I tell ya.

* In the same line of thought, I was thinking after the Tejada missed extra point about just how this might come back and haunt us. For a change, a special teams mistake didn't come back and bite us. I wipe the sweat off my forehead.

* They mentioned how the A&M coach had pictures of the stadium to show his players. I hope the Arkansas coaches have pictures of it to show recruits. Don't you want to play in this every year while at Arkansas? The game itself was a big advertisement, and that we won it will hopefully impress some 18 year old minds even more.

* One depressing thing was seing the Ole Miss / Vandy score at the bottom of the screen throughout the game. Too bad, it seems Arkansas always losing its second SEC game after losing the first is something Nutt left behind when he crossed over the river.

* At 2-2, the Auburn game looms big for us. If we can get to 3-2, then we can go to Florida a lot looser knowing that a loss will not put us below .500. Lose to Auburn and we are likely 2-4 when we go to pay a visit to the Right Reverend of Giggity, Giggity. The Auburn game is HUGE! Would love to seem some home field advantage emerge in Fayetteville for a change.

* Congratulations Hogs on your convincing victory over A&M. Did you like the feeling of having a game in hand in the 4th quarter? Then work hard this week and make it happen again on Saturday! In the mean time, please stay away from anything fried that Jerry Jones might have for you.