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Arkansas 47, Texas A&M 19: The Sunday Media Round-Up


Here's what some media members and bloggers are saying about yesterday's 47-19 victory over Texas A&M:

I Am The 12th Man:  

We've progressed from getting blown out by also-rans from the ACC (Miami) to getting blown out by also-rans from the SEC (Arkansas). Not sure how much progress that indicates.

 Team Speed Kills:

Better odds of going to a bowl: Kentucky or Arkansas? Will either of them go? The Wildcats have their second straight awful game against one of the top-tier programs in the SEC, leading to plenty of questions about whether Old Kentucky has returned. Arkansas, meanwhile, has a good enough game against dubious Texas A&M to potentially reignite the "much improved" hype from the preseason.

Chris Bahn, ArkansasSports360:

Finally, the Razorbacks got the night they wanted from the team's running backs in a 47-19 victory against Texas A&M. All the depth and versatility that appeared to be there in fall camp, appeared to be there in an actual game - when it actually mattered.

 Jim Harris, ArkansasSports360:
An Arkansas team that thought it could take on the world two weeks ago when it kicked off against Georgia, became convinced it wasn't as bad as it might have  felt last weekend at Alabama.

 Nate Allen, WholeHogSports:

Like so many bad Aggie jokes, the Texas A&M Aggies got to the punch line and fizzled. 

Harry King, Stephens Media:

The world’s largest high-definition video board magnified the truth about the benefit of playing good competition. Even a 30-foot-tall Jerrod Johnson couldn’t do much against Arkansas. The Arkansas defenders, particularly end Jake Bequette, were as big and as fast as the Texas A&M quarterback, who had produced 1,157 yards in his first three games.

Tim Griffin,

As far as statement victories go, Arkansas had the kind of conquest that will resound all over the South tonight. No wonder the chants of "SEC, SEC" were ringing through the Dallas Cowboys' stadium for most of the fourth quarter.

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