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Bobby Petrino - Big Game Tiger Killer!

I really don't know if anything else happened in the college football world on Saturday besides this right here. "Tim Tebow has been medically cleared to play today." Did anything occur besides that? I think it was announced enough across the college football media landscape that even tribal elders in Africa sitting around camp fires were heard saying, "The mighty Tebow. He can go kill tigers now."  Actually, there is more than one Tiger killer today out there in the world of college football. Mr. Bobby Petrino has now won three games over Tiger teams in the SEC. Auburn twice and LSU once. Wildcats, not so much, as an Arkansas coach. But Tigers don't scare him and the Hogs at all. Here are some observations from the hunt in Fayetteville and other outings on Saturday.

* When ESPN means an 11:00 kickoff they mean an 11:00 kickoff. I was expecting some pre-game chatter from the talking heads, but they went from Gameday right to the Hogs lining up to kick.

* For a moment it sounded like the ESPN crew didn't know where they were at. One of the talking heads began the game calling us Arizona. Okay, we start both with the letters "A" and "R", but after that, there is not much in Fayetteville that would make you ever think you were in Arizona.

* The early morning kickoff wasn't just messing with the heads of the announcers. I think we can now say it is a law of nature that the Auburn football team just does not wake up early enough for games against Arkansas. When Gus was on the other sideline in 2006 with Arkansas, Auburn wasn't up and ready to play for that early game either.

* Thank you Tommy Tubs for the bulletin board material about Auburn defeating the Hogs by three touchdowns. Could that have been an anti-Auburn statement that he made in sheep's clothing? Did the old River Boat Gambler say what on the surface looks like a pro-Auburn statement in order to rile up the Hogs to defeat the program that just recently gave him the boot? My friend Shannon and I sounded like Oliver Stone discussing this very point on Saturday.

* I still can't believe it took us so long to get a running Razorback on the field in Fayetteville. I think it looks so good out there. It looks a lot better than that scrambled egg that LSU has on their field! haha. Forgive me if I mention this every Sunday! I just really like it.

* The three and out that we gave Auburn to begin the game I think went a long ways in setting the tone for the first half.

* How different of a ball game might it had been if Chris Todd had not overthrown his wide open receiver there early in the game. That would have been a sure touchdown. The incomplete pass is always going to be this secondary's best friend this season.

* I was really surprised by how little Auburn tried to test our secondary deep down the middle of the field. Didn't Georgia show the world that you can throw deep on the Hogs?

* How much did us having played against Gus's Tulsa team last year help out on Saturday? I think a lot! Bobby Petrino and Willy, not run out of Fayetteville yet, Robinson acted as if they had seen this act before.

* Was glad to see the running game get back on track and against an SEC defense to boot. And the Broderick Green experiment looks like it is starting to pay off. Congratulations, Broderick!

* How nice is it to have a treasurey of wideouts that you can deploy and not just have one named Marcus Monk!

* Good to see London Crawford and Lucas Miller back on the field, but now we all need to worry about Jarius Wright and Joe Adams.  Oh, and Michael Smith too. Get better, guys!

* Reggie Fish made a brief appearance and got us a 15 yard face mask penalty that helped a drive. It goes without saying that a lot of Hog fans wanted to yank his face mask after the 2006 SEC championship game!

* Speaking of yanking face masks, the image of the day was the Hog player's mask getting hooked up into the Auburn player's mask like two bucks hooking antlers together. That it was the Auburn player's helmet that came off and was tossed down the field, sorta served as a metaphor for the day.

* Well, not completely. Auburn's third quarter surge did have me going into horrible, flashback mode to last year's Kentucky game. Congratulations to the Hogs for not going into panic, play not to lose, mode. Dennis Johnson, we love ya!

* Is it also a law of nature this season that a player from an Alabama team is going to run right on a sweep and look like he is going to to be tackled for a loss only to turn it up the right sideline for a touchdown? Thank goodness we don't play anymore Alabama teams this season. Oh, you say Troy is from Alabama? Damn!

* The Heads Up Award goes to the special teams player who popped the football out of the Auburn returner's grasp, which then set up a Razorback score.

* The I Knew It, I Knew It Was Going to Happen Award goes to the mishandled snap that started us with six instead of seven.

* What was up with the look of ESPN's replays? They looked like they were done by Monet! Very blurry, to say the least.

* Thank you Desmond and Corso for believing in the Hogs and predicting us to win on Gameday when 66 percent of your viewers thought Auburn would win. Though there is the Corso Curse, it isn't 100 percent effective, apparently.

* In other news, is anybody from the state of Arkansas over a certain age shocked by what is going on at Ole Miss and with the regression of Jevan Snead? I didn't think so. The only people who didn't see this coming were the national media and those Ole Miss fans who willingly turned a blind eye to what happened across the river.

* The Georgia loss is not looking as good now that Georgia has become Lane Kiffin's first SEC victim. But the Alabama loss is looking even better now that they are number two in the nation. Hey, Ole Miss. At least we scored a touchdown on them!

* With LSU's big time playmakers at wide receiver, huge guys, I really expected more offensive firepower from them last night against Florida. I guess it didn't help that Jordan Jefferson was under attack all night. I was hyped up for that game, but it turned out to be rather a dud. I think a national audience would have enjoyed the Arkansas / Auburn game more!

* How enjoyable is it to have an early game victory and then see the victorious Razorback score at the bottom of the screen all day long? Very enjoyable!

* My friend Shannon and I are going to eat two ham sandwiches each before the Arkansas / Florida game next week. It seems to have worked against Auburn. Why not try it out against the Gators? I think we are going to need all the help we can get against that defense of Florida's. And if it works, well, we are headed to the butcher to stock up!

* Observation, the Hogs have not beaten Florida since we joined the SEC. Wouldn't next Saturday be a wonderful time for that trend to end? And wouldn't it be nice if Reggie Fish made the winning play as in Stoerner to Lucas in 1999? The football gods smiled on us a great deal on Friday. Hopefully the proper rituals and sacrifices are made next weekend to please them again with another Razorback victory being the outcome.