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The Sunday Media Roundup


Here's what some media members and bloggers are saying about yesterday's 44-23victory over Auburn:

War Blog Eagle:

Though that harlot Hope made me think otherwise in the run-up, the Hogs were never going to stay as bad on defense as they had been against Georgia and Alabama. No SEC defense outside of Nashville is ever that bad. Likewise, Ryan Mallett and his receivers were never going to be as shaky as they were in Tuscaloosa. A running back as talented as Michael Smith and a tight end as talented as D.J. Williams weren’t going to bottled up all year.

In short: Arkansas was due for their best performance of the season, and they provided it.

Team Speed Kills:

Do you feel any better about Arkansas now? The Hogs defeated one of the only unbeatens remaining in the SEC in Auburn and did so in pretty convincing fashion. But their schedule is still a meat grinder: at Florida, at Ole Miss, vs. Eastern Michigan, vs. South Carolina, vs. Troy, vs. Mississippi State and at LSU. I see one sure win, two likely, two toss-ups, a likely loss and an almost sure loss. They need three to go bowling, which is about all that Arkansas has left at this point.

 Jim Harris, ArkansasSports360:

If former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville keeps making predictions like he did earlier this week, saying his former team would wax Arkansas by three touchdowns in Fayetteville, he'll have an "expert analyst" day job for as long as he wants. TV doesn't want accuracy these days, just controversy. Lou Holtz and his professed never-ending love of Notre Dame on ESPN should be proof of that.

Chris Bahn, ArkansasSports360:

Through the first third of the season it seemed pretty clear what the Razorbacks' offense was and what it wasn't.

Think you know the Arkansas offense? Think again.

Apparently, folks had it all wrong. And the Razorbacks shattered those misconceptions Saturday, along with No 17 Auburn's confidence, its defense and its undefeated start.


Nate Allen, WholeHogSports:

It was the right margin, but the wrong team. That is, unless you are Arkansas, implied quarterback Ryan Mallett who smiled when asked about Camden native and former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville predicting Auburn would beat Arkansas by three touchdowns.

Harry King, Stephens Media:

The jury is still out on Auburn, which was 5-0, and ranked No. 17, but there is no doubt that it was Arkansas’ most complete performance of the year.

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