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As you probably know, the latest craze to come out of Silicon Valley is Twitter, which allows you to share valuable bits of information such as what you had for lunch or what traffic was like during your commute with anyone who 'follows' you (Facebook is so 2008, in other words).

That's if you're a regular person...if you're a college coach Twitter also allows you to 1) communicate with recruits in an entirely new way, 2) show that you're "down with the kids" and 3) extend your personal brand. It's the future, in other words, which is why tech-savvy coaches like Pete Carroll, John Calipari and Les Miles (!!!) are jumping all over it (incidentally, although I have a healthy dislike for USC I have to admit that I'm a little fascinated by Carroll's 'tweets'...they're over-the-top in a very laid back, celeb-filled Southern California way).

Anyway, the Arkansas connection is that the notoriously stoic and publicity-averse Bobby Petrino has a Twitter account (reserved for him by someone at the U of A) although he's professed to have no idea what that new-fangled stuff is all about and hasn't posted any tweets yet. But, Brandon Marcello of the Slophouse blog is aiming to change that...he's launching a campaign to bring Petrino to Twitter.

My personal opinion is that Twitter is only interesting if someone is really into it (again, see: Carroll, Pete) and Petrino almost surely wouldn't be. But, I'm also in favor of Arkansas keeping up with the Joneses in the recruiting game and, like I said, this is the future...let's not get left behind here. So, count Razorback Expats, Inc as an official supporter of the "Bring Petrino to Twitter" campaign. If you're with us, check out Marcello's post for full instructions on what to do.

I should also mention that we have a Razorback Expats Twitter account, so follow us too if you want. See you all on the other side.