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Crystal Ball Time: How Long Will Bobby Stay?

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Ah, the deep offseason...a time when reporters and bloggers alike turn to that tried & true method of filling space: ranking the SEC coaches. Although SEC fans have always obsessed over football coaches, the trend has jumped to a new level in the last few years, as multiple coaches won national titles and the conference got an infusion of new talent (ex. Bobby Petrino) while losing some of the dead weight (ex. Ed Orgeron). Just Google "SEC coach rankings" to see what we're talking about.

Anyway, the Auburn blog Track 'Em Tigers has devised a novel way of ranking the coaches: by estimating the probability that they'll still be at their school five years from now. If you're like me, you probably read that and braced yourself for a barrage of bad "Petrino will leave at halftime" jokes. But, the big shocker is that they actually rated Petrino the most likely to still be around in five years (don't worry...there are plenty of jokes in the comments section, though).

According to their rankings, there's only one other coach as likely as Petrino to still be around in half a decade. Who is it? We'll let that be a the full post to find out.