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Welcome to Expat Status, Jonathan Luigs

This year's NFL draft has come and gone. ESPN can put Mel Kiper back in the closet, or he can go back to the Pentecostal Church he pastors. He has always struck me as looking like a Pentecostal preacher.

The biggest Arkansas news to come out of this year's draft is that the Hogs' steady center, Jonathan Luigs, was taken in the fourth round by the Cincinnati Bengals. Cincinnati's gain is no doubt a loss for the Hogs, for Rimington award winners don't come through Fayetteville as often as we all wish they would. But eligibility is eligibility, and we wish Jonathan all the success in the world with the Bengals.

The article I read this morning mentioned that Jonathan is a Little Rock native, so I expect this move to Ohio is going to be his first experience as a Razorback Expat outside of visiting an opponent's stadium. Here is what I consider the good and the bad of this move to just across the Ohio river.

GOOD: He has Bobbie Williams up there to talk Razorback sports with. I could be wrong, but I think Caleb Miller has moved on.

BAD: He is in the Ohio State media market. He'll have to listen to the groans and moans of the perpetually wounded Buckeyes. I think Jonathan's size makes it safe enough for him to mention that he comes from an SEC school.

GOOD: He should still be able to get SEC news since Kentucky is just right across the river. And if he isn't too busy being a pro-football player, he can cross the river to see the Hogs hopefully get a win the next time they play in Lexington.

BAD: Colder weather. Enough said.

GOOD: He'll get to watch D-MAC play again when he visits Oakland on November the 22nd. I expect there will be some conflicted thoughts that day for both D-MAC and Jonathan. The two of them did a lot to make each other's pro-career possible.

BAD: The Bengals' noisy uniforms. I think he is going to miss the simple but elegant red and white.

GOOD: The opportunity to surround his Rimington Award trophy with many, many, square feet of nice real estate in a cheaper housing market than say New York or San Francisco.

BAD: No Arkansas Alumni Association chapter exists in Cincinnati if the alumni website is correct. Well, Jonathan, time for you and Bobbi to start one!

GOOD: You can get a direct flight from Little Rock to Cincinnati without having to go through Dallas Fort Worth. At least you could the last time I tried it.

BAD: Herb Tarlek with his Razorback coffee mug on his desk no longer works at WKRP in Cincinnati.

GOOD: He can always feel at home by checking up on things at

Jonathan, from all of us here at, interns included, may the good always outweigh the bad in this NFL adventure you are about to set out upon. Thanks for all that you did for the Hogs. We know you'll continue to make us proud up there just north of the Ohio river. Woo Pig Sooie!