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A Very Simulating Experience

Well, the college basketball season is officially over (of course, for Razorback fans it's been over for a few weeks now, if not longer). So, in the absence of any games in reality it's time to look for alternatives - such as computer simulations between classic teams of the past.

The site has a pretty amazing feature where you can match up a wide variety of teams against each other to see what would happen, even down to reading the play-by-play. And because it's done on a computer, the results are absolutely 100% accurate. Ok, maybe not, but it's still extremely addictive...definitely check it out (and let us know in the comments section if you get any interesting results of your own).

I ran some simulations between the various Hog Final Four teams, plus a few other battles, and got some interesting results. For example:

1994 Razorbacks - 85
1978 Razorbacks - 77
box score
Scotty Thurman's 22 points topped Sidney Moncrief's 21 points (and 12 rebounds!) in that one.

1994 Razorbacks - 93
1990 Razorbacks - 95
box score
Upset special! Corliss went for 32 points, but that couldn't quite top double-figure scoring efforts from Mayberry, Day (20), Bowers, Howell and Miller.

1994 Razorbacks - 102
1995 Razorbacks - 95
box score
A pretty evenly matched effort, as you'd expect. Both sets of stars had strong games, but the difference was 10 points off the bench from the 1994 version of Al Dillard.

1994 Razorbacks - 82
2009 Razorbacks - 58
box score
This should surprise no one. The less said about it, the better.

1994 Razorbacks - 114
2009 UNC Tar Heels - 111
box score
Figured I'd see how the classic Hogs stack up against the new national champs. In what has to be one of the greatest (simulated) games ever, Arkansas fought back from a five point halftime deficit to win by three in overtime. I didn't do a play-by-play for this one, but we all know who hit the winning three-pointer in OT, right? By the way, Corliss outscored Tyler Hansbrough, 35-14.

1994 Razorbacks - 103
1995 UCLA Bruins - 84
box score
Yep, that sounds about right.