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Talking Spring Football

Since the basketball season that we all want to forget ended more than a week ago, we here at Razorback Expats have been on something of a spring break. However, we suspended the binge drinking and hot dog eating contests long enough to send some questions to Chris Bahn of ArkansasSport360 for his spring football Q&A, which was published today.

Below is a short preview of the piece. Once your appetite has been whetted, be sure to head on over to for the rest of the questions and answers.

Q: Is starting quarterback Ryan Mallett's job to lose, or will there be a true competition for the position?

Bahn: Bobby Petrino has maintained since last season ended that the 2009 starting job would not be filled without competition. Mallett and Tyler Wilson begin the spring listed together in the top spot and it will be interesting to see how that battle plays out. Mallett has impressed folks with his strong arm and on-field leadership ability. Wilson played last year and showed some ability before mono forced him to seek a medical redshirt.

Q: Speaking of Mallett, is his recent arrest a sign of trouble, or does he appear to have his head on straight?

Bahn: Coaches are keeping close tabs on Mallett even after what - legally - was a minor arrest. He's subject to an 11 p.m. curfew and working out each morning at 6 a.m. It's imperative the message sinks in with Mallett if he wants to start.

(The complete Q&A is available here.)