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I Can Now Die Happy

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Photo courtesy of Uncle Ferd Photography.

That's because I met Dwight Stewart - perhaps my all-time favorite Razorback - and have the photo above to prove it. (OK, so "met" might be a generous term - I basically cornered him after Saturday night's dinner honoring the 1994 championship team and asked him if he had a second to take a picture with me.) One look at the photo and you'll know the moment was every bit as thrilling for Dwight as it was for me.

I've just returned from a fantastic trip to Fayetteville to attend the dinner and Sunday's battle for 11th-place bragging rights. The various championship celebration ceremonies were extremely well-done and very moving. I'll be posting photos and writing a post or two (or three) in the days ahead.

In the meantime, I'm left to ask, "Now that I've shaken hands with Dwight, what else is there?" Looks like a serious reading of this book is in order.