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Monday Hodge Podge

-- Dribbling Optional at Duke: There's the rest of college hoops, and then there's Duke. I know, I know, there is much to admire about Duke's program. But really, now and again, the basketball gods hand you too much ammo to ignore.

I give you this, the most awesome non-traveling call in the history of the college game. If Courtney Fortson did this in the SEC, the refs would have called five travelling calls and a couple of flagrant fouls on him.

-- Kansas v. Oklahoma: Tonight, 8:00pm. ESPN. Yeah, Blake Griffin is out with a concussion (and if you can give Blake Griffin a concussion with an open-hand on a blockout, you are one mean dude, Dexter Pittman), but this game should give you a taste of what really good college hoops looks like. I mean in case you forgot or something.

-- The Return of Siddhartha: I like Tiger as much as the next man (maybe not as much as my mother-in-law), but this little gem from Samuel L. Jackson , courtesy of Deadspin, and Pulp Fiction, is over the top. Really.

-- Farewell, Brave Warrior: This is sad. Anyone who saw the play will tell you it was really one of the nastiest Hog injuries in memory. Crosby Tuck hangs 'em up, his horribly destroyed elbow having refused to cooperate.