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Time to Start Obsessing Over the Whims of Teenagers

I need to preface this post by saying I generally don't get that into recruiting and the hoopla over rankings, can't miss prospects, etc. It's all very hypothetical and inexact, and most importantly there's something a little creepy about a bunch of adults freaking out over every move made by a 17 year old kid (who is probably already fawned over too much, anyway).

However, with that grouchy disclaimer aside, it's worth noting that the football Hogs seem to be really cleaning it up on the recruiting trail (I say *seem* because nothing is official until next week's signing day, and even after that they have to make their grades, show up for school, etc).

Bobby Petrino and company have been pounding the pavement and reeling in big name after big name recently. At this stage in the game, Arkansas' 2009 recruiting class is ranked in the top 15 nationally by both major services, which would be an all-time high for the Hogs. And a leading recruiting expert has the Razorbacks listed first his list of top 5 recruiting surprises for this year. Not bad coming off a 5-7 season and competing with all the other SEC powerhouses (many of whom also have very highly ranked classes, of course) for the top players.

One story I particularly enjoyed was the tale of how RB Ronnie Wingo, WR Cobi Hamilton and LB Terrell Williams became fast friends during their official visit and essentially recruited each other to Fayetteville. Having done that, they're now turning their persuasive powers on the highly touted offensive lineman Aubrey Phillips. Pretty cool stuff.

If this post has whetted your appetite for news of all things recruiting, I suggest checking out Richard Davenport's highly detailed Recruiting Guy page over on Arkansas Online. Arkansas Sports 360 also has an interesting look at how past recruiting classes have stacked up.

Signing Day is next Wednesday, and nothing is official until then...keep your fingers crossed.