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Friday Hodge Podge

A few links for you to enjoy while I try to find the strength to write a Wally Watch:

* Yes, John Pelphrey is having a tough week, and yes, his team got its butt kicked by Ole Miss, but at least his wife isn't filing lawsuits claiming that accusations that he assaulted and shouted racial slurs at a cab driver have ruined their sex life. Because that's what the wife of Rebels coach Andy Kennedy just did. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

* In the latest episode of "As Mitch Mustain's World Turns", USC starter Mark Sanchez decides to go pro early, giving Mitch a golden opportunity to finally win the QB job. Only problem is that he has to beat out two other blue-chippers to do so. Will he become a Trojan hero at last? Will his mom offer her carefully considered opinion to coach Pete Carroll? And what of the rumor that Nathan Dick is going to transfer to SoCal so he can be the 2nd Dick brother to wrest the job away from Mustain? Stay tuned to find out...

* Occasionally during troubled times such as these a fresh new voice will emerge from the wilderness...a voice that eloquently expresses the hopes, dreams and heartaches of regular people from coast to coast. That voice has indeed emerged, my friends, and it belongs to YouTube legend/psycho Alabama fan Cowboyintn1979. Seriously...if his videos aren't the best thing on the internet then I don't know what is. His wife even is involved now! (His "show 'em what yer drinkin'" advice to her is an instant classic.) If you doubt his power, just watch his evisceration of sportswriter Paul Finebaum: