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Q&A: Bantering with the Bulldogs


Now that the Hogs have had their bye week to rest up and let the Dick brothers battle it out for the right to lead the offense into battle, it's time for us to resume our tradition of Q&A sessions with our fellow SEC bloggers.

Today's chat is with Jeremy from the Mississippi State Sports on for his insights into the MSU quarterback controversy, Sylvester Croom and fan expectations. Then, be sure to head over to his site to read our own "expert" analysis.

Last time we saw quarterback Wesley Carroll, he was slicing and dicing the Hogs' defense for four touchdowns and 421 yards. But MSU's starter all this year has been Tyson Lee. Considering the Bulldogs' record, has there been much of a clamor to turn the reins over to Carroll? Who do you think is the better quarterback for the team?

Carroll really seemed to regress at the beginning of the season. He was also quick to roll out of the pocket, causing a lot of plays to break down before they really needed too. Tyson seems to be willing to stay in the pocket and get the pass off properly at the risk of taking the hit. He is also more mobile that Carroll which gives us the scramble ability.

I am not sure if one is really better than the other, but Tyson was improving more in each game and I think that is why Croom ended up going with him.

Sylvester Croom had a nice season last year, but overall, is 20-37 in his five seasons in Starkville. How satisfied or dissatisfied are Bulldog fans with him?

I think most fans came into this season with high hopes after last year. Many were thinking we would have 9, maybe 10 wins and a trip to a better bowl. We lost some players before the season even started due to off-campus shenanigans. Then we had to make shifts on the o-line due to injuries before the LaTech game. From there, it just went down hill.

Most fans now are ready to see some kind of change. It is obvious that the offensive system is not up to par with what you need to compete in the SEC. If we can see some sort of changes in the coaching staff, especially in the area of special teams and offense, that would give Croom another year to get things back on the straight and narrow.

On a related note, what would you say the average MSU fan's demands are for the football program? A bowl game every year?

I don't think it is realistic for us to expect a national championship every year, or even an SEC championship. I think a solid 8-9 wins per season, a good bowl game (cotton, peach, etc) and mabye the occasional trip to the SEC championship is reasonable.

Give us a quick scouting report on the Bulldogs - strengths, weaknesses. And give us the name of a player or two who could make the Hogs life miserable on Saturday.

Our strength is our defense. Our strength on defense used to be our line and our safeties. However, Jessie Bowman tore his knee up in the Alabama game and Derek Pegues (safety) suffered a concussion, but should play.

On offense, we have strong running backs with Anthony Dixon, Christian Ducre and Arnil Stalworth. We have some good receivers if we could get the ball to them.

The main thing for our team is having the offense generate enough momentum that the defense isn't on the field the entire game and has time to rest.

Finally, the Hogs and the Bulldogs have been locked all year long in an epic and thrilling battle for last place in the SEC West. Be as objective as you can be: Which team is worse?

At least the Hogs have an offense of some sort. I really think our team is the worst in the West and have probably voted them that way all but once or twice in the SEC Power Poll this week. I hope Mississippi State can pull out a win at home, but history shows

Good luck this weekend and against LSU.