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Random Question of the Day

Regular readers of this blog will probably recall that Will "Boom MF" Muschamp, who was Auburn's defensive coordinator at the time, came *this* close to hired as Arkansas head coach last December. I personally was pretty into the idea of his candidacy at the time, although obviously was quite excited when we nabbed Bobby Petrino instead. Muschamp, of course, didn't mourn too long and promptly moved on to the DC job at Texas.

Yesterday Texas made the somewhat oddly-timed move of announcing that Muschamp will be Mack Brown's replacement on that presumably distant day that he's finished with the Longhorns (and UT fans are psyched).

So, that led me to the following hypothetical: what would the long-term future of the program look like if we'd hired Muschamp instead? Better? Worse? Doesn't matter?

I know I'll probably get some "that's dumb...quit living in the past" replies to this, and that's fair. Just to be clear, I'm quite happy with the way things turned out. But, on a slow Wednesday I'm also not above engaging in random hypothetical thoughts just for fun. If you feel the same way, post your insights in the comments field below.