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So You Think Your Refs Are Biased

We seemed to get the impression from Bobby Petrino that he thought the refs at Kentucky were, um, mistaken, about whether one of our base formations was legal. Hence the 3,435* yards in penalties and a touchdown called back. But it could have been worse. Much worse. Take this referee intervention from Saturday night's LSU-South Carolina throwdown.

We understand. Really. You're just trying to do your job, and here comes Stephen Garcia, and no one is going to tackle him, and he's right in front of you, and you start sliding to your right and . . . you can't help yourself, he's right there, and you forearm shiver him like you used to do in high school. By the way, you just know Garcia is getting some serious grief in the film room about getting knocked down by an un-helmeted old man.

UPDATE: Yeah, we should all let it go. Maybe. Turns out the umpire in question is one Wilbur Hackett, Jr. Out of Manual High in Louisville in the mid-60s. Parade All-American. Went to Kentucky and was one of the first African-American players in the SEC. Played, uh, wait for it, linebacker. The SEC Office says it was self-defense. Of course, Garcia attacked him.

*Kidding. It was only like 135, give or take one or two illegal motion penalties.