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The Grades Are In

Chris Bahn of and Alex Abrams of The Morning News have turned in their grades of Arkansas' mauling at the hands of the Longhorns. Academic probation is almost certainly just around the bend. (Coach Petrino - perhaps you ought to look into this.)

Here's the overview of Bahn's assessment (click here to read the full report if you dare) - Offense: F. Defense: F. Special Teams: C-. Overall: F.

Notable quote: "Arkansas is not a good team right now. These Razorbacks can't score. They can't stop other people from scoring. They can't avoid penalties on special teams. They can't avoid drive-killing mistakes. They can't … They can't do much of anything now."

And here's the summary of Abrams' grading (here's the full report) - Quarterbacks: D-. Running Backs: D. Wide Receivers: C. Offensive Line: F. Defensive Line: D+. Linebackers: F. Secondary: F. Special Teams: C. Coaching: F.

Notable quote: "These are hard times for Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino and his staff. But even with a roster filled with freshman and former backups, it's hard not to put the blame on the coaches for another lopsided loss."