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Thursday Evening Hodge Podge

* Wondering what a 4 point win over a Division I-AA team looks like (since it wasn't shown on TV)? A new blog called Coach Petrino has a clip of the highlights...that big Casey Dick pass on 4th & 10 late in the game really was a pretty sweet play.

* We posted our ballot for the SEC Power Poll earlier this week, but what did the final tally look like? The complete results are now posted at Garnet and Black Attack (spoiler alert: the Hogs are not ranked #1).

* Peyton Hillis deserves some props for winning the starting FB job in Denver (despite being picked in the last round of the draft and getting injured during training camp). Given the Broncos' emphasis on the run, this should be a great spot for him.

* Nobody beats the Razorbloggers for their consistently strong coverage of the Hogs, but we have to take issue with their calling out of Jim Harris for lousy sportswriting. There are plenty of worthwhile targets for that accusation, but Harris is one guy who absolutely doesn't belong on that list. From where we sit, Houston Nutt is part of this season's storyline (a smaller part than Petrino, but still a part of it)...there's nothing wrong with Harris or anyone else referencing him.

* Courtesy of the Slophouse, our man D-Mac professes his allegiance to both the Raiders and the Razorbacks. Speaking of McFadden, it turns out that I'll be in the stands at the Oakland Coliseum for his (and Hillis') NFL debut on Monday night...very exciting! Expect a full report on Tuesday.