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Expectations Are Certainly Running High

WHS pollLooks like Bobby Petrino has his work cut out for him. Despite a brutally difficult schedule (the 2nd toughest in all the land, say some), the loss of some of the best Razorbacks ever to the NFL after last season, and a defense that has resembled a leaky sieve throughout training camp, fan expectations are running high.

According to a (highly unscientific) poll running today on, 69% of the nearly 5,000 respondees think the Hogs will win 7 games or more this season. Taking it a step further, 37% think we're headed for a 9+ win season, which seems to indicate that at least 1,800 Arkansas fans have an extremely shaky grasp on reality (no news there, of course).

To those die hards who are expecting a 9+ win season, I should go ahead and mention that, as painful as it may be to hear this, Santa Claus isn't real. It was just your parents all along. Also, if you're interested in a great financial opportunity, please email me at razorbackexpats @ yahoo dot com...I'm rounding up investors for a can't miss real estate deal in Florida.