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Another QB Controversy for Mustain?


Stephens Media's Harry King reports that former Hog Mitch Mustain is in line to start USC's season opener against Virginia and speculates that the Springdale native may soon find himself in the midst of another quarterback controversy.

It already seems like a long time ago that Mustain and his stage mother Beck Campbell took their act, appropriately, to Los Angeles (that's not to say that plenty of other people didn't behave foolishly during that whole sorry soap opera).

I felt that it was probably best for everybody involved that Mustain left when he did, but one can't help but wonder what Bobby Petrino could do with the young man. Hopefully, a newly confident Casey Dick and, in the years to come, Ryan Mallet will make it a moot question. I'm confident that at least Mallet will.

Besides, Campbell's presence would probably be one way to guarantee that Petrino's itinerant ways would continue. One season of dealing with her, and Michael Vick's dog-fighting-ring-induced woes might seem like a day at the beach.