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Wednesday Hodge Podge

* The murderer's row of SEC coaches this year is pretty historic, and the media is duly fascinated...coaching power rankings have been all the rage this off-season. The latest one, from Glenn Guilbeau of the Shreveport Times, lists Bobby Petrino 11th out of 12. Does that sound right to you guys?

* On a similar, but more light-hearted, note, don't miss this breakdown of how the SEC coaches compare to James Bond villains.

* We're a bit behind on mentioning this, but the RazorBloggers are cranking out their usual stellar reports at what's going on in training camp. Those sorts of details are not an Expats speciality, so if you want the scoop on what's happening up in Fayetteville definitely check them out. They have a snazzy new site design, too.

* Attention Razorback Expats completists: our friends at the UK Wildcat Blog asked us to share some words about past Arkansas-Kentucky battles, and we obliged. If you're interested in seeing what we had to say to a bunch of UK fans, you can check out our deathless prose here.

* Continuing our foray into enemy territory, the UK Wildcat Blog also recently provided a very in-depth recap of the 1994 UA-UK battle in the SEC tournament as part of their 'greatest games' series. Obviously we strenuously agree that there was anything great about this game, but it's interesting to see these things from another perspective.

* Brandon Marcello takes a look at which Arkansas records are threatened by a Petrino-led offense this year. According to him, the "most text messages sent by a head coach" mark seems to be safe for now.

* De'Anthony Curtis is going to be good.

* Hey, what happened to those guys who played for us last year? D-Mac is blogging (I really cannot overstate how happy it makes me that he has a blog), Felix is repeatedly being called out as one of the most impressive players in the Cowboys' training camp, Peyton Hillis is hurt but is expected to make the Broncos' roster as a 7th round pick, and Marcus Monk had a rough first preseason game.