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Sunday Hodge Podge

Sorry about our slacker posting habits lately. Real life occasionally interferes with blogging, but we'll get back on track soon. In the meantime, a quick rundown of some recent Hog links:

* The football Hogs have opened their first spring practices under Bobby Petrino, and there have already been some changes from the old regime. Nobody covers this sort of thing better than the RazorBloggers, so be sure to check out their most recent reports here and here.

* Nolan is heading to the Hall of Fame (but someone should make sure he's not seated next to his old buddy Billy Packer at the induction dinner...that could get awkward).

* What do the Razorback Expats and Darren McFadden have in common? Aside from blazing speed and a nose for the end zone, we're both Arkansas bloggers. The difference is, D-Mac has been posting a lot more than we have's one where he breaks down his famous tattoos.

* Remember that guy who played QB before the Casey Dick era? Mitch somebody? If you do, Arkansas Sports 360 has clued us in to a radio interview he did in in New York or Seattle or wherever it is that we heard he's playing now.

* Ever since Wally clued us in to the possibility that the Oklahoma State job opening could leave to John Pelphrey's departure, we've been keeping tabs on that situation. Our Kentucky friends at A Sea of Blue have a good report on what's what.

* News flash: Bobby Petrino is the 10th best coach in the SEC.

* We'll take Whit E. Knight's three part retrospective of the 1978 Final Four season over anyone else's, but if you want more of Eddie & the Triplets, check out Bob Holt's recent article in the Dem-Gaz.