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Meet the New Hogs

Joe Adams

Today is National Signing Day for football recruits, and with it we get a first glimpse of what the Bobby Petrino Era might look like on the field. Although I'm pretty much the last person you should turn to for analysis on how things are going (to be honest, I find the notion of grown-ups obsessing over the decisions of high schoolers to be a bit disconcerting), it seems like it's turning out well - especially considering the crazy coaching search drama of late last year (and the subsequent raids on recruits by Houston Nutt & Ole Miss), not to mention ESPN's jihad against the Shark-Eyed master himself.

The biggest prize of the day seems to be Joe Adams, the all-everything superstar receiver from CAC who had orally committed to USC last summer but apparently was swayed by the promise of a legit passing attack from his in-state school. That's great news on the football merits alone, but it's also cool to steal one back from the Trojans.

Anyway, for real analysis of today's action, I strongly suggest checking out the latest column from Jim Harris over on Arkansas Sports 360 - it's a sweeping historical epic that covers not only this year's class, but the last 10+ years of Razorback recruiting. In terms of scope, it's kind of the "Gone with the Wind" of Arkansas recruiting articles.

Overall, it seems like good things are on the horizon. Onward and upward, Hog fans.