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Rumors, Speculation and Conjecture

Will MuschampSo, the latest rumor in the ongoing coaching search soap opera is that Jeff Long & crew are targeting Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp. Lord knows that we're not putting too much stock in mere rumors at this point...the way things have gone lately, we won't truly believe we have a new coach until 3-4 games into next season. If the new guy - whoever he may be - is still around by then, maybe we'll start to get comfortable with the idea.

Anyway, if it really is Muschamp - meaning the Hogs are finally getting beyond that idiotic "no coordinators" mantra and he actually might want to take the job if offered (unlike 10-12 others we could mention) - that would be pretty damn sweet.

But, like anyone who's been burned a few times too many, we're definitely not getting our hopes up yet...we're just passing along this rumor because that's what we do best. Like we said yesterday, we'll probably end up hiring Skip Holtz.

Update: on page 3 of this article, Jim Harris is reporting that Muschamp is "no longer in the mix". And so it goes...