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Hitting the Road

Well, the Houston Nutt era has come to an end. I have to say, the former Boss Hog juked me out pretty good with Sunday's press conference. After reading the news reports, I was convinced that Nutt wanted to stay and likely would stay. If his offense had shown such unpredictability more often, perhaps he would still be around.

Houston Nutt

There's plenty of good stuff out there about today's big news:

* The Hog Blogger has a particularly thoughtful post about Nutt's resignation. Also, check out the Razorbloggers' post and discussion thread.

* You can read a partial transcript of tonight's press conference at

*'s Ivan Maisel says, in the end, Arkansas fans simply grew tired of Nutt.

* You can read's resignation story by clicking here and be sure to check out Max Brantley's post-press-conference take over at the Arkansas Times Web site, complete with lively and entertaining discussion thread.

We'll have more thoughts in the days ahead, but just quickly: Given the growing fan discontent and the various controversies surrounding the Mustain/Malzahn soap opera, I think it's probably best that Nutt move on. But it's all too easy to forgot the sorry condition of the program when Houston came onboard a decade ago. He improved the health of Razorback football dramatically - and provided some unforgettable memories along the way. For that, we extend HDN a hearty thanks and wish him the best of luck.