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Tale of the Texts

Living in different cities (the whole expats thing) means Stephen and I often get in touch with our inner teenagers and communicate via text message during Razorback games. So, in honor of text messaging hall-of-famer Houston Nutt and his biggest win ever, I now present to you our complete and unabridged text correspondence during yesterday's historic victory:

John (after two D-Mac fumbles and two 3-and-out's): could be a long day for the hogs

Steve (seconds later): Indeed

John (after McFadden capped the epic 97-yd drive with a TD run): 97 yds!

Steve (in reply): Boo-Yah!

Steve (after D-Mac's long TD run in the 3rd quarter): Wow!

John (after Peyton Hillis' long TD on the next possession): double wow!

Steve (during the Hogs' posessession in the 1st OT): I cannot breathe.

John (after the 2nd OT ended with both teams still tied): freaking out

John (after the Hogs closed out the game in the 3rd OT): holy shit!!