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Did We Have a Game Today?

(AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)

I seem to remember reading somewhere that we were scheduled to play LSU this afternoon, but I'm not certain. Anybody have any details?

Ha, ha, ha. Wow. What an incredible and insane game. Nearly three hours after, my head is still spinning. The whole thing feels like one crazy blur. Some random thoughts as I attempt to regain my bearings:

* I was but eight years old and had not been fully converted to Razorback fanaticism when Arkansas last beat a No. 1 team in football. I therefore have only the vaguest memories of that 42-11 stomping of Texas. This is easily the biggest Arkansas football victory since I joined the cause, and along with the basketball team's 1984 upset of No. 1 North Carolina and the 1994 national championship, it's at the top of my list of favorite Razorback moments.

* Being a true Arkansan, I watched the fourth quarter and the overtimes with an almost overwhelming sense of dread. I could hardly look at the television screen. I just knew we were going to get our hearts broken - the only question was how. My pessimism faded somewhat when Felix Jones scored the two-point conversion in the third overtime; at that moment, I began to wonder if the football gods were on our side.

* There were times during today's game when I wondered if the Hogs were capable of not drawing a penalty during a crucial play.

* Most surprising moment of the day: On fourth and 10 in the first overtime, when Casey Dick threw to Peyton Hillis for a 13-yard gain to keep the game alive. I hate to admit it, but I had given up at that point.


(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

* Darren McFadden for president. An absolutely breathtaking performance today.

* Congrats to Houston Dale Nutt. With his job hanging in the balance, he pulled off the biggest victory of his career. I've always found myself right down the middle when it comes to HDN; I feel there are legitimate points both for and against him. However, tonight's victory would seem to assure that the debate will go on for at least another year.

* My family is in town for the Thanksgiving holiday, and my dad and I watched the game in my parents' hotel room. During the waning minutes of the ultra-tense fourth quarter, the hotel fire alarm went off, further agitating our already fried nerves. Thankfully, the room is on the first floor and has a sliding glass backdoor opening up to a courtyard; we decided that if it became apparent that we were truly in danger, we could get out easily enough. It wasn't anything close to a reckless decision, but the memory of watching those crazy final moments of regulation with that insistent, ear-shredding buzzer sound will stay with me forever.

More to come later. What a night.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Go Hogs!