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Another Houston Nutt Hodge Podge

Will Houston Nutt resign? Will he get fired? Will he stick around? Has Reese finally found true love with Jake Gyllenhaal? Is Jennifer Anniston muscling her way back into Brad's life? Has Houston Nutt texted any of the above people? Sorry, got a little carried away with my gossiping there.

(AP photo/Beth Hall)

Here's some of the latest from the Web about Houston's job status:

* Courtesy of The Slophouse blog, check out this column by Tom Dienhart that says Houston won't quit. Dienhart also says that Nutt has done "a masterful job" of coaching this year. Gee, do you think anyone in Arkansas would disagree with that?

* Also from The Slophouse, Steve Spurrier offers some support for Nutt and puts down Butch Davis in classic Spurrier fashion.

* Jay Lupo of The Pine Bluff Commercial cautions the anti-Nutt crowd to be careful what they wish for.

* Tom Murphy of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette gives us the lowdown on the financial implications of a Nutt resignation and a Nutt firing. Suffice to say, if Houston gets fired, we don't think you're going to see him standing in a bread line anytime soon. A resignation packs a little more of a punch, but we imagine he'll still be able to afford basic cable.

* Finally, oh yeah, there's a game on Friday, and, according to, it will feature the two top NFL prospects.