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Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Of course, it isn't great. But, there's really no use getting worked up one way or another about the basketball Razorbacks at this point in the season, especially with a team trying to get used to a new coach and a new style of play. I imagine the early going will be something of a roller coaster ride for Pelphrey & Co.

I didn't get to see any of the Puerto Rico games, for which I was particularly grateful on Friday. As for today's game, I'm guessing that the stat line Hog fans turned to first was the turnovers. After Friday's record-setting debacle, Arkansas clocked in with "only" 17 and continued their strong board work, hauling in 36 rebounds to Virginia Commonwealth's 23. It's nice to see that Sonny Weems turned in such a strong effort (16 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists), and although Patrick Beverley notched a, for him, ho-hum 13 points, the 6'1'' guard did collect 6 rebounds. Pretty impressive.

The team is off until Saturday, when they will take on Delaware State in Fayetteville. After that, on Wednesday, Nov. 28, Mike Anderson and Mizzou come to town.

For those that got to see any or all of this weekend's games, please share your impressions in the comments section.

And on a closing note, check out this article on Patrick Beverley.