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Help This Man

As you probably know, Corey Beck was shot in a random attempted robbery in Memphis several weeks ago. The good news is that he made it out of that incident alive. The bad news is that his injuries are severe (his left wrist was halfway blown off and his vision is impaired) and expensive (to the tune of $96,000 in medical bills and counting). So, he needs our help. [big thanks to the Hog Blogger for posting this story]

You can donate to his recovery at the Corey Beck Medical Fund, which has been set up at the Bank of America. Unfortunately there isn't an online option, but I called their customer service and learned there are two ways you can contribute:

1. Walk into any B of A nationwide and tell them you want to donate to the Corey Beck Medical Fund. They should be able to look up the account number and process the donation.

2. You can also mail a check to any B of A branch along with instructions that you want to donate to this fund and, again, they'll be able to make sure it gets to the right place. To save you the time of looking up an address, here's the main branch in Little Rock:

Bank of America
c/o Corey Beck Medical Fund
200 W Capitol Ave
Little Rock AR 72201
(if you have questions, call 501.378.1267, then extension 4)

Corey Beck was the heart and soul of those great mid-90s Razorback teams, and he personally brought me many happy moments during those years. So, let's all take a few minutes and share whatever we can share to repay him for that and help him out during this tough time.

All this info comes courtesy of an interview he did with the Zone, which was then posted on It's kind of long, but is definitely worth a listen if you have a few minutes. The part towards the end where he talks about Nolan's love and generosity since the shooting is particularly moving.