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Taking the Temperature in Tennessee

Clint Stoener vs UT, 1999 - courtesy of

It's Tennessee week, or as they call it in Knoxville, "Arkansas week", and there's already plenty of chatter over at the UT blogs about the Razorbacks. Not surprisingly, the combination of McFadden's ri-dmac-culous (we're working on trademarking that term) game against South Carolina plus his Wildcatting of the Vols in Fayetteville last year has the Tennessee faithful all in a tizzy. You can read a sampling of their thoughts in the top item at this post at Rocky Top Talk.

Also, it seems that the infamous 1998 fumble game just won't go away for poor Clint Stoerner. The Third Saturday in Blogtober has a well-written yet extremely harsh (and entirely fictional, of course) take on what Stoerner has been up to since that terrible day. Don't worry, Clint, we've got your back.