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As the Coaching World Turns...

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Butch/UNCThe world of college coaching often seems as gossipy as your average group of junior high girls. In what I'm quite sure won't be the last rumor to swirl around the Arkansas program in the coming months, there's suddenly a lot of speculation around UNC coach (and Arkansas native) Butch Davis becoming the next Head Hog (no matter that the position technically isn't vacant). It's gotten to the point where he's already issuing the standard non-denial denials (perhaps on the advice of noted truthteller Slick Nick Saban). The Slophouse blog has the story on this.

In semi-related news, Richard Davenport at the Democrat-Gazette reports on how the coaching uncertainty has already affected one prized recruit.

Lots, lots more to come on this in the future, I'm sure. Fasten your seat belts, everybody...