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Free Fallin'


OK, that headline is probably something of an overstatement. But Houston Nutt's spot in's weekly ranking of coaches most in danger of getting fired has fallen from No. 1 to No. 5. Charlie Weis of Notre Dame tops this week's list, followed by Phillip Fulmer of Tennessee, Mike Stoops of Arizona and Bill Callahan of Nebraska. (The Hogs' Nov. 10th battle against UT in Knoxville is shaping up to be a dream match-up. Maybe to drum up interest in the game, the schools should agree that the losing coach will be fired in a televised post-game ceremony and then thrown into a pit of angry fans.)

Here's part of what the site's blog page had to say about Nutt's spot in this week's ranking:

"Now at 4-3, we do think there is a way for Houston to keep his job in Fayetteville, but that would entail running the table by winning all the remaining games, which would include beating LSU in Baton Rouge on November 23rd. You have the talent to do, so do it. Wouldn’t that be sweet to stuff a 9-3 record into the faces of all of your critics, including us? We don't think, no we know you cannot do it!"

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