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A Welcome Feeling

Once again: thank God for Mississippi. Just when it was beginning to feel like the Razorbacks might never win another SEC game, the Rebels came riding to the rescue.

I didn't listen to the game, but from reading the reports, it looks like the Hogs turned in a fine performance. McFadden and Jones once again each rushed for more than 100 yards. The defense, one week after keeping Auburn out of the end zone, gave up only one touchdown and made four interceptions. And Casey Dick, while passing for only 96 yards, still threw three touchdown passes and began the game with seven straight completions.

Arkansas Mississippi Football

Before we get too carried away with the happy vibes, it's important to remember that this was Ole Miss. Objectively speaking, the Hogs didn't do a whole lot to ease the well-founded doubts about them.

Still, the fan in me can't help but feel some twinge of optimism after yesterday. And when you consider all the upsets that have taken place in the SEC this year and how close the Hogs' losses to Alabama, Kentucky and Auburn were ... well, it's not a huge reach to see Arkansas making things interesting down the stretch.

After all the disappointments of the preceding weeks, optimism, however fleeting and irrational it may prove to be, is a welcome feeling indeed.