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Coaching in the SEC: Not for the Faint of Heart

This article is a few weeks old now, but in light of recent events is probably more true than ever...Bruce Feldman of ESPN The Magazine (mental note: maybe we should change this site to RazorbackExpats The Blog) says that five of the top 10 toughest schools to coach at are in the SEC (and three of the top five). You'll be happy to know that he has Arkansas at least we're in the top five at something!

The Houston Nutt news is flying fast and furious these days, but here's a quick recap of where things stand:

* Houston says he's planning on being at Arkansas until his contract expires in 2012. Um, right.

* The Hog Blogger breaks things down with a report from a leading message boarder over at Hogville and a summary of the post-Auburn events.

* The RazorBloggers are skeptical about Nutt's claim that the offense is going to "turn it loose" now.

* Wally criticizes Nutt's coaching in his typically veiled, passive-aggressive, one-sentence paragraph style.

* Lastly, in the Least Surprising News Ever department, Houston remains on top of the hot seat rankings over at