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Saturday Afternoon, Pre-Game Hodge Podge

Some stuff to read over while you wait for the kickoff of tonight's SEC West showdown:

* Like moths to a flame: Freedom of Information requests can't stay away from the Nutt brothers.

* The Hog Blogger has the latest installment of "As the Banner Turns." Oh brother.

* God Blame the Queen: Still looking for someone to scapegoat for the Razorbacks' 31-21 loss to Auburn in 1993? Former Auburn defensive end Ace Atkins has your answer: the Arkansas homecoming queen. (Note: You will need to scroll down about halfway down the post.)

* Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp is sick and tired of hearing that the Hogs overpowered his defense last year.

* In a recent column on, Ron Higgins of the Memphis Commercial Appeal labels the Hogs the SEC's biggest disappointment but also says Felix Jones is the league's MVP so far.

* Wally summarizes the first Houston-Tuberville battle.

* In its midseason report, places Nutt at No. 2 on its "Five Coaches on the Hot Seat" list. Says Rivals: "You wonder if, deep down, Nutt wants out of Fayetteville. The guy led his team to the SEC West title last season and still endured an offseason of turmoil. But given the fickle nature of fan bases in the SEC, if the Hogs beat Auburn on Saturday, Nutt may be back in good graces Sunday." Actually, we kinda doubt that.

Also, the knee injury to Marcus Monk comes in at No. 1 on the report's "Five Biggest Injuries" list.

* Speaking yet again of, of the four gents making predictions on the site's "Expert Picks" page, two are forecasting a Razorback victory tonight.