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You might think that, having lost three consecutive SEC heartbreakers, the Hogs would be running out of ways to lose the game at the last minute. However, you would be wrong. I peered into my crystal ball after the 7-point offensive explosion against Auburn and have learned the outcomes of the Razorbacks' remaining games.

Warning: knowing the future is not for the faint of heart, so proceed with caution.

Ole Miss: Hogs lose 4-3...the Rebs score two consecutive safeties in the 4th quarter, the last one coming with 3 seconds left.

Florida International: After leading the entire game, the Hogs let victory slip away when a brawl breaks out and Ned sneaks into the endzone for the winning TD with 28 seconds left.

South Carolina: The game seems well in hand when a banner-carrying plane crashes on the field with 1:02 remaining in the 4th quarter. D-Mac brushes the plane aside with a mighty stiffarm, but in the confusion the ball is jarred loose and the Cocks recover. They score the winning touchdown on a 4th and 37 as time expires.

Tennessee: D-Mac and Felix each run for three TDs and our defense holds the Vols' attack scoreless. However, Tennessee wins by scoring on four kickoff returns and three punt returns, including one with 11 seconds remaining.

Mississippi State: You might not believe me if I told you that MSU wins this game on a 99-yard run with 1 second to go in the game. But you would be wrong...just wait and see.

LSU: After a season of increasingly painful losses, the Hogs threaten to go out on a good note, with Casey Dick throwing for 289 yards and three TDs. However, in the final minutes the Tigers nail a 68-yard field goal, return a fumble recovery for a touchdown, return an interception for a touchdown, recover an onside kick and complete an 81-yard bomb to pull out a 38-35 win in the Bayou.

My crystal ball has been wrong before, but it feels pretty accurate in this case.