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Notes from the Field: A Report from Our Little Rock Correspondent

Believe it or not, the UT-Chattanooga game wasn't televised in California. So, I asked my dad - Little Rock resident, Razorback fan and former Little League football sensation - to share his observations from having attended the game. Here's his report:

The Hawgs looked awful Saturday night in their game with the mighty Univ of Tenn at Chattanooga Moccasins. The game was played in summer heat and the wave seemed to be the most exciting thing happening in usually-rocking soldout War Memorial Stadium. The tone was set when we inflicted a safety on ourselves and were behind 2-0 seven seconds into the game. The Mocs are in the same caliber league with UCA and Univ Ark at Pine Bluff but stopped Heisman Trophy candidate D-Mac again and again and again for only short gains. This is the team with the feared running attack and the two best backs in the nation?

D-Mac looked lackluster excepting one play when he ran over a UTC cornerback coming up to make the tackle. He even got stopped for no gain on a 4th and one from midfield in the third qtr when the Hogs badly needed a score. D-Mac lost fumbles twice as well. Jones, on the other hand, looked pretty good, breaking a long run in the 3rd qtr which finally at l o n g last gave the Hogs some breathing room with a two td lead. Until then, the Mocs stayed within one td of the Hogs.

One bright spot is Alex Tejada, our kicker...he nailed a 47 yarder and has been consistent. Casey Dick, bless his heart, keeps missing open receivers and throwing into double coverage for picks or near picks and taking sacks when he/we might be better off if he'd throw the ball away; he did hit get some completions on short routes but not enough to worry UTC and keep them from loading up in the box. All and all, the fans left feeling pretty frustrated with the state of Arkansas football.

Wesley Hitt/Arkansas