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Back on Top!


What a bummer of a weekend it was for Houston Nutt: The Hogs looked awful against the powerhouse that is UT-Chattanooga, an anti-Houston banner flew over War Memorial before Saturday's game ... and, unsurprisingly, he has reclaimed the top spot in's weekly ranking of the coaches whose jobs are in the most jeopardy.

Here's what the site's blog page had to say about HDN: "When a banner is flying over the stadium you are coaching in that says "There's Nuttin like being 0-2 in the SEC" you know you are in trouble, and Houston Nutt you are in trouble! The season, and in fact, the career of Houston Nutt rides on the next two football games. Auburn at home and Mississippi on the road. Lose both, and it will be time for Houston to get the movers on the phone. Destination: Ft Smith, Arkansas?"