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Wednesday Hodge Podge

* Um, maybe we weren't clear enough about this, but we want Marcus Monk wearing a red jersey, not a red shirt. That's right - the "r-s" word is being thrown around now, which is officially very bad news.

* The Heisman race is shaping up to be pretty weird this year. Wondering where D-Mac stands after the Hogs' 2-2 start? The Heisman Pundit breaks it all down here and here.

* The RazorBloggers have some tidbits on the football powerhouse that is UT-Chattanooga.

* Is the famous McFadden stiffarm really powerful enough to knock a defender's helmet off? The Hog Blogger proves that it is.

* In recruiting news, HawgsIllustrated has an interview with future Razorback Devin Thomas.

* Lastly, three good items from the Slophouse: Sacramento Kings owners donate $10k to Arkansas Baptist in honor of Big Nasty, Patrick Beverley rated the 6th best college shooting guard, and Arkansas-LSU is rated one of the best college football rivalries (which seems weird...somebody must have been swayed by the groovy boot trophy).