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Let the Rumors Begin


With the buzzards circling over Houston Nutt's Razorback coaching career, Arkansas fans are ready to speculate about who the next Boss Hog of Football may be. Courtesy of's Slophouse blog, I stumbled across this column by Paul Finebaum of the Mobile Press-Register that says Tommy Tuberville may be that person (actually, the piece does much, much more to stoke the Tuberville-to-A&M rumor, but still ...).

Tuberville in Fayetteville makes sense: He's an Arkansas native and was a serious candidate for the job 10 years ago (plus, a gig in Fayetteville would bring him one step closer to his unstated goal of coaching every SEC West school). I would be more than OK with him on the Hill.

But, that's assuming Tommy would be interested ... and that could be a big if. I have to wonder how appealing the Hog job - with the "batshit crazy" fans and no natural recruiting base - will be when it almost surely opens later this year. Perhaps we should just hire this guy. Granted, he has no coaching experience, but he was pretty convincing in "We Are Marshall," and he would probably be able to provide some good advice to Razorback players on their inevitable journey through the criminal justice system.