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Where Have All the Good Times Gone?

Boy - doesn't Arkansas' thrashing of then-No. 13 Tennessee last fall seem like it took place about five years ago? The week after that emotional victory, the Hogs posted a somewhat flat win against Mississippi State. Since then, however, as John outlines in the post below, it's been a steady fall from grace.

Call it denial if you like, but after last week's heartbreaking loss against Alabama, I was still optimistic that the Razorbacks had it in them to get back on track and enjoy a good season. Today, I'm not. That was an awfully one-dimensional, undisciplined team on the field last night.


Granted, there is a lot of football to be played, the quality of Arkansas' opponents has been high, and several Houston Nutt teams have recovered from early or mid-season struggles to come on strong as the year progressed. Still ... I'm having a hard time believing that we aren't in for a tough year. I would love to be proved wrong, but after the running game, what else is there?

Watching last night's game, I couldn't escape the feeling that the end of the Houston Nutt era is approaching. With losing records in two of the three seasons before this one, all of the controversy of the last year and the fans' growing animosity, he most likely can't survive the sort of mediocre or worse season that the Hogs may be in for.

Just like the Razorbacks' win over the Vols, Houston's energetic and happy first couple of years on the Hill seem like a very long time ago.