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Shootout Time?

Quinn Grovey; of the most exciting sporting events I've ever attended in person was the 1989 Arkansas-Houston game. A classic shootout between two high-powered offenses (Quinn Grovey, James Rouse, Derek Russell, Barry Foster and crew for the Hogs; eventual Heisman winner Andre Ware for the run & shoot Cougars), it truly seemed like the last team to have the ball would win.

Of course, the Razorbacks ultimately pulled it out, 45-39, behind Quinn Grovey's 335 yards of total offense (79 rushing, 256 passing) and five TDs. My main memory of that game was sitting in the north end zone at War Memorial, watching both teams throw bomb after bomb up and down the field. I'm sure time has effected my impressions just a little bit, but the way I recall it, every pass went for about 30 yards and every run went for about 15.

Reading about the Kentucky game tomorrow definitely brought back memories of this one against Houston. Again, the Hogs face a powerful offense with a nationally recognized QB. And again, we have quite a powerful attack of our own. Will it be another classic? We'll see...I just hope the Razorbacks have the ball last.