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Saturday Morning, Pre-Game Hodge-Podge


Big game today, one that could very well determine the course of the rest of the season. Some stuff to read over and ponder as the countdown to kickoff drags on:

* What SEC team does former Arkansas interim head coach and defensive coordinator Joe Kines regard as the conference's biggest surprise so far? Hint: It's the one the Hogs play this evening.

* The guys over at have peered into their crystal ball and offered up their forecast for today's game. Their prediction: Arkansas 38, UK 34. Money quote: "Shootout, shootout, shootout. Arkansas will run for 300 yards, Kentucky will work its way to 400 yards, and in the end, McFadden and Jones will come up with just enough big runs in the fourth quarter to overcome a brilliant day from Andre Woodson."

* The Morning News' sports staff has listed its keys to a Razorback victory tonight.

* The Democrat-Gazette's Bob Holt has penned a nice refresher course on the history of Arkansas-Kentucky football games.

* For those who will be near both a computer and a TV set tonight, the Northwest Arkansas Times staff will be blogging live from the game.

* Ever wondered what Felix Jones' favorite movie is? His favorite president? Answers: "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and Bill Clinton.

Let's hope we all enjoy the game tonight. Go Hogs!