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Five Reasons to Hate Kentucky

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In case you need any extra help getting fired up, we’ll be providing a handy pre-game cheat sheet detailing why you should hate each one of the Razorbacks’ opponents this fall. Some weeks will be easier than others…

1. They are Strong Where We are Weak. A visit from quarterback Andre Woodson and his high-octane attack is probably not what the doctor would order for a Razorback passing defense that's trying to find its sea legs. Our intro to this post says that some teams are easier to hate than others, and we have to admit that it's difficult to work up much animosity towards Kentucky football. But, we'll almost certainly feel very differently if Woodson and Co. torch the Hogs the way they are capable of doing and send Arkansas to a second straight defeat.

2. They're Heisman Spoilers. The Wildcats put a dent in Brian Brohm's Heisman chances, thanks to their epic victory over Louisville last week. Can they do the same to D-Mac? (for what it's worth, we're guessing they can't)

3. Enough of Ashley Judd Already. Ok, not really. But speaking as non-Kentucky fans, we wish she would spend a little less time rooting on the Wildcats and a little more time in Hollywood cranking out her patented "woman in peril" movies with Morgan Freeman.

4. They're Not Paying Attention. To be fair, the Kentucky players and coaches have mostly been effusive in their praise of Darren McFadden. But then there's this guy, who we suspect will get a rude awakening on Saturday (clip courtesy of the Hog Blogger):

5. That Other Sport Kentuckians Seem to Enjoy. UK footballers may be hard to hate, but the Wildcat hoopsters ... well, that's pretty easy. Mainly because we can't seem to beat 'em anymore. During the Hogs' first four years in the SEC, they compiled a 4-3 record against Kentucky. Since then, Arkansas is a whopping 3-14 against UK - and the last victory came way back in the pre 9/11 era, on Feb. 25, 2001. The terrorists truly have won.