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When John and I were college roommates, we had a poster of the 1983-84 basketball Razorbacks on our wall. The poster, which was John’s, featured headshots of the team members (with hilarious 80s hairstyles, I might add) and had a schedule at the bottom in which one could fill in the game scores. We were in the fifth grade when that season took place, and, at the end of the schedule, a 10-year-old John had scrawled the score of Arkansas’ NCAA Tournament loss to Virginia and added in parentheses, "Bad calls lost the game." In Arkansas, the persecution complex begins at an early age.

I remembered that comment after the pass interference call on Kevin Woods in the final minute of Saturday’s game and thought it would be fun to reminisce about other controversial or "bad" calls. To my mind, the two Grand Poobahs of controversial calls are the traveling call against U.S. Reed in the waning seconds of the Hogs’ 1979 NCAA loss to Larry Bird’s Indiana State team (any self-respecting Razorback fan knows he was tripped) and the pass interference call in the 1982 SMU game.

The floor is now open for comments. Gripe away.