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The Morning After

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Well ... that sucked.

Although the circumstances were very different, I felt every bit as deflated after last night's game as I did after this one. Immediately afterward, I was wishing that the Hogs had just gotten blown out instead of losing in such heartbreaking fashion.

That sentiment already has faded.

It's been replaced by pride in the Hogs' comeback and by a recognition that last night's game was One for the Ages. Sure, the Razorbacks ultimately played the losing role, but their rally will make football fans remember and talk about the game for years to come. (As will the pass interference call on Kevin Woods; numerous Hog fans must be looking this morning for their "Pass Interference My Ass" bumper stickers from the 1980s.)

And thinking more short-term, there were some positives to take away from the game, such as QB Casey Dick's three touchdown passes and stretches of adequacy. Maybe this will be something of a turning point for him. And, once again, last night served as a reminder that every game with Darren McFadden in a Razorback uniform is a gift in some way. Simply amazing.

All of which is not to say that I'm looking forward to watching a replay of the game anytime soon - just that the authorities now are allowing me to be around sharp objects and to put the laces back into my shoes.

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