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Pre-Game Hodge Podge

Lots of good Arkansas-Alabama stuff out there right now:

* The Hog Blogger has YouTube highlights from last year's game. Good times.

* An interesting article on that advocates a wishbone offense for the Hogs, and theorizes that Arkansas fans' animosity towards this style of play dates back to that infamous 16-14 loss to Texas in 1987. (from the Hawg Blawg)

* There's been a lot written this week about how the winner of the Arkansas-Alabama game usually goes on to have a good season, while the loser has a bad one. For the sake of a different perspective, here's a Bama blog's take on that trend.

* As always, the RazorBloggers provide a detailed analysis of the matchups and what to expect.

* This Bama fan (featured in our Reasons to Hate post this week) seems to have a nice, healthy perspective on Crimson Tide football and life in general.

* breaks down how the Razorbacks scout team has been simulating John Parker Wilson in practice.

* is using Wally Hall's comment about Alabama fans not being that loud as bulletin board, they call him a "hillbilly newsman," which is actually pretty funny (scroll about 2/3 through this post).

* Lastly, the one thing that Arkansas and Alabama fans can agree on is that this is a really, really, really big game. We'll have a Hog call going out here on the West Coast...