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Let the Good Vibes Roll

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In order to generate some positive energy and good vibrations for tomorrow's big showdown, we thought we'd talk about our favorite victories over Alabama. At the top of our "favorite wins over 'Bama" list is the 1995 victory in Tuscaloosa. Alabama came into the game ranked 13th in the nation and sporting a 2-0 record. The Hogs, meanwhile, were 1-1, and had exhibited something of a bipolar quality, losing to sorry SMU 17-14 in the season opener and then turning around one week later and crushing South Carolina 51-21. Who knew where the season was heading?

Arkansas trailed 17-10 at halftime and then 19-10 in the third quarter after Hog RB Madre Hill was tackled for a safety. Then the comeback began. Todd Latourette kicked a third-quarter field goal and - who can forget - Barry Lunney Jr. hit J.J. Meadors for a four-yard, fourth-down touchdown pass with six seconds left in the game to tie the score. Latourette kicked the point after for a 20-19 win, and the Razorbacks had their first-ever victory over Alabama. (Strange side note: The record books now technically say that Arkansas' first win over the Crimson Tide was in 1993; Alabama slaughtered the Hogs 43-3 that year, but later had to forfeit the game as part of the program's punishment for NCAA violations.)

Second on our list is the 1998 win in Fayetteville. This game wasn't a nailbiter at all: The Hogs won convincingly, 42-6, over the 22nd ranked Crimson Tide in Houston Nutt's third game as head coach. Madre Hill, back after missing two years due to knee woes, rushed for 120 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries, and Clint Stoerner completed 13 of 29 passes for 239 yards. Strangely enough, as exciting and memorable as that season was, the Alabama victory was Arkansas' only win over a ranked opponent all year.

Tell us about your favorite 'Bama moment in the comment thread.